Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Wanna Read Another Post About Trains?

While watching the WGN Morning News, I caught a segment about a lady in Barrington who has a large collection of model trains.  Along with her business, she raises money for Interlachen School For the Arts by opening her grounds to the public in June.  So I thought, "Let's go over there along with the rest of humanity after a week of rain to walk around in some stranger's grass to see a toy train!  It will be a blast!  There might even be a Porta Potty!"

The Garden Layout is really nice.  We saw Chessie System, Napa Valley Wine Train, Santa Fe Super Chief and Southern Pacific trains.

My Boys

There was a sunken garden with raised beds.  Each little bed had a bird house on a post. There was a fountain in the middle.

The lettuce looked awesome.

Inside, there was a room of smaller models with great miniatures.

Millennium Park

The miniatures were really great.  These pics don't do it justice.

We had a good time over there and if you hear of any more family outings involving trains that are not only expensive, take a long time to travel to, but are also really crowded, let us know.  We love that shizzle. 

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Cousin Jason said...

That old golden 50s car you took a picture of is a Studebaker Golden Hawk! I have that same diecast model in a bluish/tealish color!